Andy and Max recording in the pod.

Launched in 2022, Tea with the Changemakers is fast becoming essential listening for people from all over the world who want to make a difference.

Inclusive, informative and with unquenchable optimism, each 20-to-30-minute episode takes a deep dive into the way tenacious leaders are tackling the challenges of the day and bringing hope to those without voices.

Tea with the Changemakers is presented by hosts Kelly Evans and Andy Senyszyn. Our specially selected guests include CEO’s, founders, charity leaders, business leaders, activists, campaigners and more. From Beirut to Canada, we have sought out engaging speakers and fascinating stories with a universal relevance for those of us with a thirst for doing things differently.

Recent guests include Kate Lee, CEO of Alzheimer’s Society; domestic violence campaigner, David Challen, HIV activist, Mercy Shibemba; and founder of The Silver Line Helpline and Childline, Dame Esther Rantzen.

Our episodes

Jack Monroe - The Duracell bunny of anti-poverty campaigning

Episode 41

On this episode of Tea with the Changemakers we’re talking to an anti-poverty
campaigner and food writer Jack Monroe who’s had more than their (un)fair share of controversy and trolling over the years.

ape2o - The anti-plastic bottle water company

Episode 40

Globally, 500 billion plastic bottles are used every year – that’s 66 bottles for every person on the planet! This week, we’re chatting to ape2o’s Anthony Newman, the man on a mission to tackle that alarming statistic. 

Anthony identified that a lot of people clearly have a thirst for water on the go, and favour the taste of bottled water, but there is an indisputable crisis with our consumption. In the UK alone, seven million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day; 80% end up burned, in landfill, or in our oceans and some microplastics end up being ingested by us.

3 Dads Walking - Campaigning for suicide prevention, one step at a time

Episode 39

This episode contains conversations about and references to suicide.

This week on the podcast, we’re talking to Mike, Andy & Tim, the 3 Dads Walking. Coined ‘the club that no one wants to be part of’, the 3 dads all lost their daughters to suicide and have staged two country-spanning walks to support the charity, PAPYRUS (Prevention of Young Suicide), and to raise awareness of the fact that suicide is the biggest killer of under-35s in the UK.

Simon Akers - Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace

Episode 38

Neurodiversity and equality should be present in every business, and there’s one man who’s built his entire business around those principles.

This week, Simon Akers joins us on Tea with the Changemakers for a chat about his marketing agency, Archmon, and how he works with clients to grow their businesses the right way and promote inclusion at every step. 

The Oliver King Foundation - 64+ lives saved, 20,000 defibrillators rolling out

Episode 37

Mark King, the man responsible for the rollout of over 20,000 defibrillators to over 18,000 state-funded schools joins us on the show this week.

Mark founded The Oliver King Foundation after his son Ollie sadly and unexpectedly died from a cardiac arrest while competing in a swimming race in a PE lesson at school. Ollie had SADS, which stands for Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome and it’s a hidden heart condition that kills 12 young people every week; it’s estimated that 270 die from SADS every year.