Are you looking to make a tangible impact on crime reduction and community cohesion? 

We are specialists in driving real change through comprehensive behavioural research, targeted campaigns, and impactful training programmes.

A female police officer walking down a busy street at night.

Our expertise.

We tackle a wide range of pressing issues including knife crime, gun crime, drug misuse, road safety, violence against women and girls, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, fraud prevention, discrimination, and anti-social behaviour.

Everything we do to tackle these issues starts with a thorough understanding of people. Take a look at our approach. 

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Research and insight.

At the heart of our approach is audience research. By working closely with local people, community organisations and groups, we uncover behavioural insights that help our clients design and deliver community interventions and plans that work positively to bring about social change. 

Our research has helped design change programmes, community campaigns and interventions with the aim of reducing crime, harm and discomfort with our communities or inspiring action, volunteering, community involvement and engagement. 

Campaign: Know Violence Against Women.
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Insight to action: Crime reduction campaigns.

We have worked closely with police forces, councils, and government agencies to develop campaigns that deliver a clear 'call to action' and drive meaningful behaviour change.

For us, it's not just about raising awareness. Our work is about inspiring action and delivering behaviour change. Whether it's crafting compelling messaging using behavioural science, leveraging cutting-edge technology to engage people, or implementing evidence-based interventions on the ground, we deliver solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of each community. 

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Training and education.

Our expertise extends beyond the creation of impactful campaigns. We also offer specialised training programmes designed to equip law enforcement agencies, charities and partners with the tools they need to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion - as well as many other topics that help to deliver community cohesion. 

By partnering with us, police forces, councils, and government agencies can tap into a wealth of experience and proven strategies for tackling complex social issues. Talk to us about LGBTQ+ awareness, understanding racism, misogyny and intersectionality, and victim support. 

Project: Exploring expectations of happiness in Lincoln.
An illustration of a couple from behind, looking over the Lincoln landscape that features the cathedral and castle.

How happy are we?

We have developed a unique survey exploring happiness within our communities. Running for another year in Lincoln - our home city - this unique survey is helping local policymakers and changemakers understand how people are feeling and what they need to thrive. Interested in running something similar in your area? Talk to our behavioural insights team. 

Topics we work on

  • Violence against women and girls 
  • Knife Crime
  • Gun Crime
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Human Trafficking
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Domestic Violence
  • Discrimination
  • Anti-Social behaviour

Services we offer

  • Community research
  • Behavioural insights and behavioural science
  • Police led campaigns and awareness raising
  • Attitudinal research 
  • Evaluation 
  • Training programmes
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