Andy and Max recording in the pod.

Launched in 2022, Tea with the Changemakers is fast becoming essential listening for people from all over the world who want to make a difference.

Inclusive, informative and with unquenchable optimism, each 20-to-30-minute episode takes a deep dive into the way tenacious leaders are tackling the challenges of the day and bringing hope to those without voices.

Tea with the Changemakers is presented by hosts Kelly Evans and Andy Senyszyn. Our specially selected guests include CEO’s, founders, charity leaders, business leaders, activists, campaigners and more. From Beirut to Canada, we have sought out engaging speakers and fascinating stories with a universal relevance for those of us with a thirst for doing things differently.

Recent guests include Kate Lee, CEO of Alzheimer’s Society; domestic violence campaigner, David Challen, HIV activist, Mercy Shibemba; and founder of The Silver Line Helpline and Childline, Dame Esther Rantzen.

Our episodes

WeAre8 - A responsible social media platform?!

Episode 36

A new social media platform that’s committed to being socially responsible... What?! This is definitely not the Metaverse! 

This week on Tea with the Changemakers, we introduce you to a new way of doing social media. In this episode, Andy chats to Sue Fennessy, the founder of WeAre8, about how the B Corp certified brand is going to shake up socials, by putting 50% of advertising revenue from videos users choose to watch into their 8Wallets - cash it out, pay it forward to charity, or even put it towards your EE phone bill.  

The Social Mobility Foundation - Working with and for young people

Episode 35

“Life’s not fair” - ever had anyone tell you that? Isn’t it time that life was ‘fair’? 
This week on the podcast, Andy's chatting with Sarah Atkinson, CEO of The Social Mobility Foundation, and Hannah Ayane, a graduate from their Aspiring Professional Programme. 

Taming Olivia - Living with OCD

Episode 34

This week on the podcast Kelly's chatting with Catherine Benfield, a mother and qualified teacher who's living with OCD.

Catherine, who was diagnosed with OCD after giving birth to her son, started a blog on her experience of living with OCD; how she dealt with it was to personify and externalise it in the form of cheeky character, Olivia!

Mind - Fighting for mental health

Episode 33

This week on the podcast Andy's chatting with Stephen Buckley, head of information at Mind; the charity who are actively fighting for mental health by providing advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

bio-bean - Not your average cuppa joe

Episode 32

On the show this week, we’re joined by bio-bean’s Managing Director, George May, and he'll be chatting to Andy about how bio-bean are utilising spent coffee grounds from the 98 million cups of coffee that the UK consumes every day.