Andy and Max recording in the pod.

Launched in 2022, Tea with the Changemakers is fast becoming essential listening for people from all over the world who want to make a difference.

Inclusive, informative and with unquenchable optimism, each 20-to-30-minute episode takes a deep dive into the way tenacious leaders are tackling the challenges of the day and bringing hope to those without voices.

Tea with the Changemakers is presented by hosts Kelly Evans and Andy Senyszyn. Our specially selected guests include CEO’s, founders, charity leaders, business leaders, activists, campaigners and more. From Beirut to Canada, we have sought out engaging speakers and fascinating stories with a universal relevance for those of us with a thirst for doing things differently.

Recent guests include Kate Lee, CEO of Alzheimer’s Society; domestic violence campaigner, David Challen, HIV activist, Mercy Shibemba; and founder of The Silver Line Helpline and Childline, Dame Esther Rantzen.

Our episodes

TransPennine Express & Campaign to End Loneliness

Episode 21

This week Kelly’s chatting with Lisa Hewitt, Partnership Marketing Manager at TransPennine Express and Robin Hewings, programme director at Campaign to End Loneliness (CIC) about their partnership, and how their chatty bench initiative is helping to combat isolation and loneliness.

Find out more about the partnership here!

Kate Lee - Alzheimer's Society

Episode 20

This week on the show Kelly’s chatting with Kate Lee, CEO of Alzheimer’s Society.

Dementia is not a normal part of ageing; it’s not getting old- it’s getting ill. We all forget things from time to time, but dementia causes damage to nerve cells in the brain, and forgetfulness is often one of the most recognisable symptoms. It is estimated that 900,000 people in the UK have been diagnosed with the disease, however, it’s not known how many people are out there suffering.

Dave Linton - Madlug

Episode 19

Imagine carrying your most treasured belongings in a bin bag - uncomfortable, isn’t it? Sadly, that is the reality for thousands of young people in the UK's care system when moving from place to place. This week Dave Linton, founder of Madlug, joins Andy for a chat about the locked-asset bag-for-bag business, with the sole purpose of giving a helping hand to young people in care. Madlug sells rucksacks, hold-alls and travel bags to the public, and for every bag sold, a pack away travel bag is gifted to a child in the care system.

Jade Statt - StreetVet

Episode 18

This week on Tea with the Changemakers Kelly’s chatting with Jade Statt, co-founder of StreetVet, the registered veterinary practice delivering care for homeless canine companions.

Andy Farenden - TEDxBrayfordPool

Episode 17

This week on Tea with the Changemakers Kelly’s chatting with TEDxBrayfordPool curator, Andy Farenden. This year at Social Change UK we’re sponsors of TEDxBrayfordPool, and will be facilitating a TEDx Aventure! We'll be running workshops to explore the effects of fast fashion on the planet, and misogyny.