Andy and Max recording in the pod.

Launched in 2022, Tea with the Changemakers is fast becoming essential listening for people from all over the world who want to make a difference.

Inclusive, informative and with unquenchable optimism, each 20-to-30-minute episode takes a deep dive into the way tenacious leaders are tackling the challenges of the day and bringing hope to those without voices.

Tea with the Changemakers is presented by hosts Kelly Evans and Andy Senyszyn. Our specially selected guests include CEO’s, founders, charity leaders, business leaders, activists, campaigners and more. From Beirut to Canada, we have sought out engaging speakers and fascinating stories with a universal relevance for those of us with a thirst for doing things differently.

Recent guests include Kate Lee, CEO of Alzheimer’s Society; domestic violence campaigner, David Challen, HIV activist, Mercy Shibemba; and founder of The Silver Line Helpline and Childline, Dame Esther Rantzen.

Our episodes

Dan Parker - VegPower

Episode 16

80% of kids don’t eat enough veg and 50% of parents say they have given up trying to get their kids to eat 5-a-day, but there’s one man who’s on a mission to change that- VegPower’s Chief Executive Dan Parker!

Emily Kerr - ShareOurCars

Episode 15

This week on the podcast we’re talking to Emily Kerr, Oxford City Councillor and car sharing advocate. Like so many people during 2021’s Covid-enforced lockdown, Emily had some unexpected time on her hands, and whilst gazing out of her window at home one day, she noted the congestion on the road outside – not any slow-moving traffic though, this congestion was parked cars, not going anywhere at all! Did you know that most cars in the UK are unused 96.5% of the time, according to the RAC?


Alice Williams - Founder and CEO of Luminary Bakery

Episode 14

At Luminary Bakery you’ll find everything you’d expect to see in a regular bakery, delicious cakes, and bakes, however, Luminary is no ordinary bakery. They are a social enterprise passionate about providing opportunities to socially and economically disadvantaged women. They support women by developing their personal and professional skills, improving their employability and confidence, and equipping them to face the working world.

Luminary Bakery

Eshita Kabra-Davies

Episode 13

Eshita is the founder and CEO of By Rotation, the world's first social fashion rental marketplace! Users, or rotators, can rent and lend designer pieces directly from each other on this sharing network, fostering a much more sustainable way of consuming fashion.

By Rotation

David Challen - Domestic Abuse Campaigner

Episode 12

This week on the podcast, Kelly's chatting with David Challen, a domestic abuse campaigner and keynote speaker who successfully campaigned to free his mother from prison after she killed his father - it was a landmark appeal and recognised the years of coercive control she had suffered.

David Challen