A row of posters showing carers and care users accompanied by a quote from the caregiver.

The brief.

Support for carers

Hertfordshire County Council needed a way to communicate to unpaid carers or people that are caring for their loved ones that there is the option of help and support if they need it, which they may not have been previously made aware of.

A pop-up banner featuring an elderly woman smiling and laughing with her caregiver.

The campaign.

Creating a relatable campaign.

We created three concepts for the campaign which included different logo concepts and layouts for outdoor and indoor media. The selected concept highlights important quotes from real-life case studies, from people who had experience in being carers themselves. This made the quotes relatable to other carers, encouraging them to follow their advice and get in touch about receiving some further help as a carer. The designs are simple and provide the audience with clear instructions on how they can get in contact with the relevant people about support for carers.

A hand holding up a flyer depicting an elderly care user and her carer.
Two pop-up banner designs featuring carers with their care user.