A happy care-giver brings a cooked meal to their smiling care-user.

The mission.

A joined up care community for Lincolnshire

The Lincolnshire Care Association (LinCA) is a membership organisation for people and organisations that work in – or with - the care sector. Its role is to advocate for the care sector and champion the work care providers do every day to help, support and look after people in Lincolnshire – including some of our most vulnerable people.

LinCA offers information, advice, support and training opportunities to care providers and importantly is the voice for the sector, both locally and nationally, on the issues that really matter to its members.

The size of the care sector in Lincolnshire is big and geographically it is widespread, which can make it difficult for people and organisations to come together as a community and provide collective support for each other. LinCA was set up to bridge this gap and has been working hard to encourage as many providers as possible to become a part of the county-wide community to ensure the sector is seen and heard.

The research.

Exploring perceptions

Before writing a plan on how to promote the association we engaged existing LinCA members, commissioners and other care providers in qualitative research to discover their current perceptions of the work LinCA do and the ways LinCA could support them in the future. We found that LinCA was well recognised as a representative forum for Lincolnshire’s care sector and members were aware of the training and networking opportunities, but members were keen to see more personal communication and a stronger and improved public perception of the care workforce, highlighting the important role many play in their community. Further, members needed help with recruitment and retention and wanted the association to help challenge the stereotype of caring as a career, as well as continue to promote their work to gain recognition for the work they do.

The new LinCA logo printed on the corner of a piece of paper.

What we did.

The brand

We have refreshed and updated the brand for the Lincolnshire Care Association to appeal to a wide range of care providers. This includes reviewing the values of the Association and working on the communication of key messages to increase awareness of its existence and its relevance and importance – not just to members but to wider stakeholders including the NHS, local authorities and the media.  

Communicating with members

We have strengthened the communications between the association and its members by developing regular communications including a monthly newsletter to promote training opportunities, share positive news, highlight good practices in the sector and signpost useful resources. By sharing positive news and congratulating successes, we are helping to instil a sense of pride, appreciation and importance among care workers.

A hand holding a Lincolnshire Care Awards programme above a second open programme.

Championing care for Lincolnshire

We provided PR and copywriting services which included articles, features and case studies. We developed content for use on social media channels and provide artwork and copy for members to use which promotes the sector and helps recruitment efforts. We also share good news stories and regularly provide statements to the media on issues relevant to the care sector – such as policy changes and news events that could – or sometimes do – display the care sector in a negative light. We helped to ensure rebuttal is in place and worked with the Association to boost the awareness and perception of the care sector in Lincolnshire and beyond, championing the importance of their work and making it a more attractive career prospect to those considering a rewarding role in care. 

A collection of LinCA branded social media images featuring photography and illustrations.
A man reading through and viewing images on LinCA's social media account.