2 posters depicting caregivers and their happy care users.

The brief.

Promoting social care opportunities.

Hertfordshire County Council asked us to help them encourage and inspire more local people to consider a career in care. With many job opportunities unfilled in several caring positions across the county, the council were keen to promote the profession and change a perceived poor image of a very rewarding career. 

Designs for the front and back of a flyer for the Good Care campaign.

The research.

We wanted to reposition and reframe the way people see caring roles. 

Through research and talking to people in caring roles, we discovered that the perception of a 'caring' job was low-paid and dirty and not a role anyone could do. We also learned that many people admired people in caring roles.

We were keen to promote aspects of the job that might be overlooked initially, such as the rewards and prospects. Many people didn't feel that there were development opportunities and talking to many people in a caring role, the feeling of contentment and personal satisfaction was often overlooked in recruitment campaigns.

The impact.

Using segmented audiences and targeted messages, we created three concepts and worked with the client and target audience to select one that resonated with the desired audience.

We used real photographs of people working in a caring profession, making them the face of the campaign and the profession. Social media was used to bring people to the council website where they could view opportunities. A toolkit was designed for stakeholders which included key messages, signposting activities and downloadable resources. The hashtag #goodcare was used across social media to promote opportunities and promote social care as a career choice leading to hundreds of comments, likes and retweets.

A tablet displaying the Good Care digital tool kit.
A poster design featuring a young male care trainer with a quote about their work.