A bright digital display suggesting employees use the stairs rather than waiting for an elevator.

The mission.

Pegasus asked us to design a range of digital assets for their internal business screens, promoting health messages and awareness. Using behavioural science we crafted well-being messages that act as ‘nudges’. Their waiting areas and the waiting areas of their clients now host a range of screens with important messages about health and well-being. 

A woman views a digital display recommending employees go on walks during lunch breaks.

The work.

We used our knowledge on behavioural theory to compile 12 different messages which offer simple advice to workers on how to make little changes to improve their health and well-being in everyday life. We also created messages that supported awareness days and topical events - such as no smoking day, Stoptober and breast cancer awareness day. 

The messaging is clear and concise, using bold colours that catch the eye and simple line illustrations to give the screen character and personality.