A young boy watches an Ipad on a table, showing the Just Talk mental health animation.
The Just Talk animation initial storyboards alongside the animated version of the same scene.

The mission.

Highlight the importance of mental health in young people. 

#JustTalk is a campaign that aims to make it easier for everyone to talk about mental health and eliminate the stigma of accessing mental health services.  

Our mission was to bring storyboards that had been created by young students to life, through animation, to help promote positive mental health in young people. 

The animations.

Producing content that the young students had in mind.  

Working closely with Hertfordshire County Council, we produced videos that kept close to the source material as much as possible. The main target audience was the younger generation, so the animations needed to take a child-like animation style that communicates the mental health messages carefully and calmly. These projects were a masterpiece in co-creation and co-production. 

The impact. 

The first #JustTalk animation we produced has amassed thousands of views across social media and caught the attention of local news including the BBC! The video has been shown in schools across Hertfordshire and is helping to start important conversations about mental health. The second animation went live In October 2019 to mark World Mental Health Day.


Our digital content creator, Bobby, was the lead animator on these projects and he took the time to reflect on this particular project and ask the question, are we tackling the stigma towards mental health all wrong? Take a read of the blog here!

A person on a laptop, watching the Just Talk animation on the screen.
An Ipad displays the Just Talk animation video.