The Let's Move Lincolnshire logo.

The mission

Encouraging Lincolnshire residents to be more active through a new motivating brand identity 

We supported the refresh of the user-facing brand, Let’s Move Lincolnshire, designed in co-creation with our target audience to encourage more people to be active. The brand is featured on a dedicated website, complete with an activity finder for the audience to find activities across Lincolnshire to join.  

A laptop, tablet and mobile phone displaying the Let's Move Lincolnshire website.

The research

Engaging residents of Lincolnshire 

We conducted a county-wide survey to understand views, attitudes and behaviours in relation to physical activity and capture behavioural insight as to what would encourage residents to be more active. This was in addition to capturing what they would like to see on a dedicated website for physical activity in Lincolnshire and their feedback on ideas to refresh the Let’s Move brand. From this survey, we were able to make actionable recommendations to support a brand refresh and inform the direction of website development. 

A collection of Let's Move Lincolnshire branded social media posts displaying residents of Lincolnshire walking, exercising and playing wheelchair Basketball.

What we did

Mapping the user journey 

Following completion of the brand refresh and initial ideas for website development, we undertook user testing with residents in Lincolnshire to capture their feedback on the website, in terms of its look, feel and usability. We gave them tasks to complete on the website, such as finding particular information, and reviewed the steps they took to find this, noting key barriers in the user journey. Exploring the physical activity finder and its capabilities was of particular importance within this stage, to ensure that it was not only easy for residents to use but that it provided the information they needed most to break down barriers and support them to be more active. This user research informed recommendations to support further development of the website to ensure a positive user experience at launch. 

The impact

A refreshed brand identity and new resources have been developed to support the launch activity. Along with this, 12 actionable recommendations have been put forward for improving the website resources through audience engagement. These recommendations are aimed at enhancing the user experience and increasing user engagement on the website.

A person viewing the Let's Move Lincolnshire Activity Finder on their mobile phone.
Over 30 assets designed for launch
129 residents surveyed
5 user journey exercises carried out