The front cover of the Healthy Surrey Guidance and Recommendations report

The mission.

Refreshing the Healthy Surrey website 

Surrey County Council’s Healthy Surrey website provides residents with a range of information and tools to support their health and wellbeing, in addition to hosting a triage tool for key services. To ensure this resource was accessible to its users, Social Change were commissioned to undertake a content refresh across the website. This was informed by research and engagement with existing and prospective users to ensure their wants and needs were placed at the heart of this refresh. 

The Healthy Surrey guidance report open, displaying quotes and illustrations.

The research.

Capturing user feedback 

Our approach began with desk research and a website review, followed by a survey to explore awareness of the website and experience of using this. The survey also explored how audiences preferred to receive information around health and wellbeing, touching on language and tone of voice, in addition to the best ways to deliver communications signposting them to this important resource. We undertook user journey interviews with residents to explore how easy the website was to use and navigate, in addition to conversations with health professionals to establish what information should be included on the website.  

The Healthy Surrey guidance report open, displaying illustrations of people and an introduction.

The refresh

Creating content that resonates 

The research insights informed a comprehensive refresh of the website, including updates to the information, layout and visuals. We carefully considered the language and tone of voice to be used for this content refresh, making sure that the messenger delivering the information resonated with the audience. To ensure we were delivering accurate information that best meets the needs of users, we consulted with health professionals throughout the refresh. In addition to the information refresh, we also updated the visuals and layout of the information to ensure the website would engage audiences. At the project conclusion, we provided the Council with a pack to support them to apply this refresh to future website additions. 

The impact 

This refresh overall supported the website to deliver accurate information that users want and need, in a way that best meets their needs and is accessible to all.  

90+ pages reviewed
14 interviews
114 survey participants
1 support pack