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The Brief.

We are currently working with Lincolnshire County Council to deliver a real- time evaluation service for The Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub - a fantastic resource that supports Greater Lincolnshire based businesses to start and grow their businesses. 

We have designed and deployed a range of evaluation tools over the last three years to conduct cross-cutting real-time evaluation. Our regular reporting back to the Growth Hub allows the service to respond and adapt quickly to changing customer wants and needs. 

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The Research.

At the start of the contract, we set up four evaluation strands; the Growth Hub & Growth Lincolnshire Programme evaluation, an internal stakeholder and partner evaluation, a research programme to learn from other Growth Hubs and ‘real time’ evaluation of the Growth Hub and the services it provides.

Within these strands, we used a range of techniques including gap analysis, regular in-time evaluation, online surveys with supplementary telephone surveys and telephone interviews with a range of stakeholders. 

The impact.

The findings from the evaluation work have so far helped to do the following: 

  • Design a marketing and communications strategy to support the development of the Growth Hub
  • Bring to life stories and case studies of businesses doing well
  • Re-design the service and support on offer to the business community
  • Support future planning and funding bids
  • Provide evidence to support decisions and proposed change.  
5 evaluation reports
1137 businesses contacted
106 completed surveys