The 2015 conference on Ethical, Social and Sustainable Business Practices takes place on Wednesday 11th March 2015 at Nottingham Trent University. Social Change UK are very pleased to announce that Director, Kelly Evans will be joining other speakers at the event who are passionate about sustainable business practices, like keynote speaker Jo Fairley, who is the founder of UK based chocolate company Green & Blacks.

Kelly will be delivering her speech on ‘how profit without responsibility will kill your brand’. Kelly will be talking about consumer behaviour change and how this has led to people making informed decisions and vocalising their opinions on social media sites and how these changes have resulted in the need for businesses to become socially responsible and sustainable. Kelly’s talk outlines the simple steps that businesses can follow in order to become socially responsible, and discusses many interesting topics such as ‘how to put social responsibility at the heart of your business’ and ‘how a brand needs to deliver on their promises’ in an age of transparency.

For more information on this conference and to book a place please visit the conference website.