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The mission

The Derbyshire Maternity Transformation Programme identified a need to run a county-wide campaign to promote healthy lifestyle behaviours in pregnancy and early years.

Specifically, they wanted to decrease smoking in pregnancy and at time of delivery and increase breastfeeding initiation and continuation rates across Derbyshire.

Our mission was to undertake research into the attitudes and behaviours of families to understand what factors might be influencing their behaviour, and design and deliver a campaign to inspire action and change. 

The campaign plan developed for the For You and Baby campaign.

The research

Working with families, we understood what it might take to encourage behaviour change.

Our research with other 200 residents (an online survey, telephone interviews, in-person interviews and focus group discussions) influenced the design of two campaigns - one targeting families to quit smoking together - and the other campaign encourages and supports more women in Derbyshire to breastfeed. 

Outdoor advertising for the Christmas campaign at a bus stop.
A pregnant woman's smartphone displays the 'useful resources' page on For You and Baby's website.

The campaign

We are ran a campaign that promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and early years, targeting families rather than just women. Our breastfeeding campaign is raising awareness and promoting the benefits of breastfeeding to targeted families across Derbyshire. It is attempting to build confidence and resilience in women so they feel able to try (and sustain) breastfeeding. 

The 'public facing' part of this campaign, was designed to make breastfeeding more visible within the community and challenge assumptions and dispel myths which might be stopping women from even considering breastfeeding. 

We also ran a campaign to encourage a smoke-free pregnancy, targeting pregnant smokers and their families. We want to send the message to families that being smoke-free during pregnancy is not just an action for pregnant women - it is the responsibility of everyone around her.

A dedicated website was created to support this largely digital campaign, which concluded at the end of 2019.

The impact.

A summative evaluation was undertaken at the end of this campaign to understand its impact. Overall, the campaign had a reach of nearly 3.5 million and an earned media of value of over £1.5 million. Additionally, there was not only an increase in attendance levels to breastfeeding support groups, but also in the number of pregnant women who were smoke-free at 4 weeks in Derby.


3,404,999 Total reach
330 'Breastfeeding friendly' places signed up
80,000+ People reached in 1 month
12% increase In attendance levels at breastfeeding support groups
45% increase In the number of pregnant women who were smoke-free at 4 weeks in Derby
Over £1.5 million In earned media value