A still from the animation showing a father talking to his two children in the back of a car. Two unhappy Flu viruses look on from behind the back window.

The mission.

Make getting the vaccine easy to understand

We worked alongside Public Health Wales (PHW) to produce a short animated film to show to young people in schools across Wales. The film presents the process and benefits of getting vaccinated against the Flu in a bite-sized fashion that covers everything the audience will need to know so they feel confident and well-informed on vaccination day.

The animation was produced in English and Welsh in order to reach and inform as many children as possible over the country.

The animation.

A mixed media production

We were commissioned by PHW, the animated film's script and visual style was informed by research and testing groups done with young people aged 11-16 in order to create a final film that would feel relevant and appeal most to them. A main goal of the films was to highlight how the Flu vaccination is administered through a nasal spray rather than an injection and would alleviate much of the fear of needles many people experience before their vaccinations.

Whilst much of the film is animated in a bold, colourful and friendly style, we seamlessly incorporated video footage of an actual vaccination taking place to show a more honest and realistic representation of the process to ensure there would be no surprises for the young people at their appointment.

A 2 page spread of the Welsh comic version of the Flu vaccination animation.
2 versions of the film created in English and in Welsh
4 shortened clips made for use on social media
2 comic book adaptions of the film created for schools