2 digital campaign posters providing advice on how to protect the NHS in a busy town centre.

The mission

To encourage the Lincolnshire community to support their NHS by supporting themselves.

The NHS [and partners] in Lincolnshire came together to commission a campaign to encourage and inspire residents to sustain some of the positive behaviours demonstrated by the public during the pandemic.

The research

Using insight and behavioural theory

Following a thorough review of NHS data including but not limited to; outpatient hospital appointments, A+E attendance, GP attendance & use of online and telephone appointments, we were able to identify a number of key insights. These key insights, coupled with behavioural theory and frameworks, helped to shape the strategy, creative and importantly the 5 acts:

  1. Eat Healthy and move more
  2. Pharmacy before GP
  3. Make and maintain your appointments
  4. Ask for phone or video appointments
  5. NHS111 before A+E
2 indoor campaign floor stickers with messages guiding viewers on how they can support their NHS.

The Campaign.

5 acts for your NHS.

We created a brand and campaign which combined a friendly, motivational and supportive tone of voice with a simple, fun, illustrative style. We used language which inspires action in the public while being encouraging and positive in its proposal.

Across the campaign 'the 5 acts' are always clear, consistent and concise, but should never seem accusative or too authoritative. We wanted to maintain a positive tone, which shows appreciation for the public's support, creating a sense of community - we're all one big team 'Let's do this together'.

The strategy delivered the 5 acts consistently and repetitively over the 12 months, so residents are aware, and are 'by default' doing one or more of the 5 acts.

The 'Let's do this together' brand has been adopted for use by partners to push acts relevant to their organisations by using the lock-up style logo and supporting assets. The brand has also been used to support messaging outside of the '5 acts' to build upon the feeling of community and encourage the public to continue supporting their community and NHS.