A second phone showing designed Facebook posts for the campaign.

The mission.

A campaign to encourage residents in Sheffield to consider all routes to urgent care before going to A+E / to their GP.

Sheffield NHS commissioned Social Change to undertake a full social marketing campaign which used insight from new and existing research to inform a campaign targeted to residents of Sheffield to reduce the number of inappropriate visits to A+E & GP surgeries in the city.

A phone showing designed Facebook posts for the campaign.

The research.

To understand residents' attitudes and behaviour surrounding accessing urgent care services in the city.

For this project, we led with the analysis of a combination of existing and new data gathered through a survey & interviews targeted to residents of Sheffield, ensuring data was collected from client-specified key groups. We identified several insights surrounding; awareness, knowledge of, and use of urgent care services within the city. This insight informed our design and marketing strategy.

The campaign.

We commenced a multichannel marketing campaign targeting residents in Sheffield which encourages residents to consider all their options to urgent care treatment before making a GP appointment or attending A+E. It also highlights less known urgent care services such as GP Hubs, Pharmacies, Walk-In Centre and Minor Injuries Unit, to raise awareness of the services and what issues they can treat.

A campaign banner image on the NHS Sheffield.
186 local residents surveyed
Over 890,000 people saw the campaign after 8 weeks
Over 370,000 Reach after 8 weeks
Over 3,000 Clicks through to website after 8 weeks