Are you Prepared for sex?
A collection of 4 Stay PrEPared social media post designs.

The mission.

Increase awareness of PrEP.

Our goal was to create a suite of creative designs that engage the target audience by raising their awareness for PrEP. The campaign aimed to encourage people to learn more about what PrEP is, if they are eligible for it, and asked them to seek out help from their local sexual health clinic to find out if it is the right option for them.  

Image for Stay PrEPared

The insight.

We reviewed pre-existing research and knowledge to capture behavioural insights into attitudes, behaviours and experiences relating to PrEP. The research review helped highlight six key insights used to develop the final creative. It helped identify key issues that needed to be addressed with the designs and helped ensure that the artwork resonated with the audience. 

Image for Stay PrEPared

The campaign.

Using what we learned, we designed a suite of creative artwork and delivered a marketing campaign across social media, outdoor advertising, and via the website. The campaign included bespoke designs for each target audience group to encourage engagement with the campaign. The tailored creative ensured each group were delivered language and designs that would resonate with them. This helped them to feel more connected to the campaign and more likely to engage with content or take action. 

The impact.

The marketing campaign delivered over 450,000 impressions across all digital activity. It increased PrEP page views by 855%, and increased website events by 967%. 

The campaign will continue to be rolled out over the coming month by Derbyshire Community Health Services to reach as many people as possible.

462,009 Digital impressions delivered
855% Increase in PrEP page views
967%  Increase in website events
7,080 Total clicks on adverts