The mission.

Clearing up the vaccination process in Welsh schools.

We worked with Public Health Wales (PHW) to create a short animated film to show in schools across Wales that would explain to young people the process of recieving the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in a way that is helpful, easy to understand and would dispel any possible fears involved with getting the jab.

The animation was produced in English and Welsh in order to reach and inform as many children as possible over the country.

A spread of the Welsh version of the comic book version of the animated film.

The animation.

Attractive and informative.

The animated film was created in collaboration with PHW, the script and visual style was informed by research and testing groups done with young people aged 11-16 in order to create a final film that would feel relevant and appeal best to them. 

The animation style was crafted to be both bold and friendly without feeling too childish. Research showed the target audience preferred straightforward information, so the script was written to be medically accurate while incorporating fun visuals to keep viewers engaged.

2 versions of the film created in English and in Welsh
2 comic book adaptions of the film created for schools