6th March, 2019

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Two students read together from a book as one points to a part of the page.

A - Z of research methods

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A woman on a path bending down to tying her trainers during a running or walking session.

How activity levels are changing under COVID-19

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A camera operator films an out of focus scene of two men talking directly to the camera.

Gender equality in the TV industry

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Two baby feet standing on a digital weighing scale.

Childhood obesity

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A beach with the sea in the background, with the sand completely covered with plastic litter.

Full of rubbish

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A woman stands next to an arcade slot machine, pressing buttons.

Fixed odds betting terminals

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A man's hand holding a black packet of cigarettes, with one cigarette raised in the packet.

Youth Smoking

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A young girl is sat at a white table, using a virtual reality headset.

Digital and social trends for 2017 - our predictions

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A computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone are all displaying the Quit for Them campaign website.

Social Change UK shortlisted for 3 awards at the Wales Marketing Awards 2016

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Seen from above, people sit around a table with a laptop, graph documents, and sticky notes.

£5,000 research project up for grabs!

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A small crowd of people are stood in various groups, talking to each other whilst having a drink.

Be aware of behaviour patterns in your local area

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A heavily pregnant woman is sat holding her bump, with a cigarette in her hand.

Smoking during pregnancy - still an issue?

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