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The mission

Bridging skills gaps through lifelong learning

Our mission was to raise awareness and encourage people to take advantage of the learning opportunities offered through 2aspire, engaging community members with varied needs: enhancing numeracy skills, English language proficiency, digital literacy, supporting parent-child education, and improving job readiness, as well as targeting businesses that were looking to upskill their staff and communities.

For this, we conducted community research, engaged stakeholders, and developed a tactical marketing strategy. From our research, we utilised feedback and behavioural insights to rewrite the website, set up and manage social media channels, and design creatives and branding.

Image for Promoting Lifelong Learning with 2aspire

The impact

Through our collaboration with 2aspire, we've achieved significant milestones benefiting the Lincolnshire community.

The new, user-friendly website has facilitated increased enquiries, enhancing accessibility to learning opportunities. The Multiply programme has successfully improved numeracy skills across the county and has also engaged a significant number of businesses to become champions of numeracy for their staff and local community members.  Our joint efforts on social media have expanded outreach, connecting professionals and learners alike to valuable upskilling resources. Stakeholder engagement has also amplified community involvement and celebrated learner achievements, showcasing the positive impact of 2aspire.

Image for Promoting Lifelong Learning with 2aspire
Image for Promoting Lifelong Learning with 2aspire
8 interviews
1 new website
3 new social media channels
7 case studies