A person holds a closed campaign recruitment pack beside another that is opened on a light surface.
The front and back of a campaign flyer featuring imagery of people putting their hands together.

The mission.

A campaign to recruit residents to make a difference in their community by working with the NHS Better Care Together commissioned Social Change UK to deliver a campaign to inspire residents to help their local NHS by becoming a volunteer for a Public and Patient Involvement Assurance Group.

A collection of campaign social media designs featuring slogans, photos and iconography.

The campaign.

We ran a short digital and print campaign which ran for two months. The campaign needed to attract applications from across the county and city. As the target audience was only limited by location, we took a multi-channel approach to raise awareness of the group and its recruitment and we focused on attracting a diverse group of people to join the panel.  Print materials were distributed to GP surgeries, health practices and community centres across the city and county, which was complemented by a targeted digital campaign, press and radio. All campaign activity directed traffic to a bespoke landing page hosted on our website to ensure impartiality of the process. Updated weekly the page housed common FAQs, and further information on the role, requirements and application process.

197,000+ in digital reach
Seen over 360,000 number of times
30+ applications
12 new members playing a crucial role locally