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Jake and Daisy discuss ideas in the Social Change UK office.

Home of the changemakers

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Image for Tech for Good Finalists 2019!

Tech for Good Finalists 2019!

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Two women sat outside on a stone step, holding rainbow flags to represent LGBT support.

Putting LGBT on the curriculum – it’s about time.

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A hand holding a blue speech bubble card, with a female and male symbol, which has been crossed out.

Gender neutrality and what it means for future generations

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Two hands hold a piece of paper showing a 'banned' red circle symbol striking out the word vaccine.

The anti-vax movement is back

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A person holding two tablets in one hand and a glass of water in the other hand.

Are we getting more depressed?

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Two children play on a tablet computer underneath a blanket in a dimly lit bedroom.

The rise of gambling in children

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A man wearing a gaming headset playing a game on a large computer screen.

Are we addicted to gaming?

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A woman wearing pink eats a banana in a bright room.

Five ways your everyday carbon footprint can be reduced

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2 people hold a refuse sack open as they throw in plastic waste.

#Trashtag: Why is it so important?

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A jovial young woman points to the grumpy man beside her.

Cutting the conversation: Understanding personality in seconds

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A young boy is sat on a rug at home smiling down at an iPad in his hands.

Why are children spending so much time online?

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