A sample of Made Smarter social media posts along with a laptop that displays the Made Smarter Facebook page on the screen
Two Made Smarter branded flyers

The mission.

Transforming Manufacturing in the East Midlands

We were tasked with creating the marketing materials, building an online presence, and promoting the £3 million Made Smarter East Midlands Programme. Our challenge included creating a recognisable, engaging, and consistent online presence, promoting the programme through its own channels and key partners, and raising awareness in key industry groups and at events.

Our project features included creative design and advertising, digital marketing, PR and promotion, event management, case studies, award attendance, and regular industry content. The programme offers digitalisation plans, expert advice, leadership development, and up to 50% match funding for equipment and advice.

A Made Smarter branded pop-up banner featuring imagery of a bearded man working on a piece of machinery

The impact.

Significant achievements in digital transformation

Since its inception in 2022, Made Smarter East Midlands has made significant strides in supporting the region's manufacturing sector. Key achievements include securing £1,573,667.84 in investment, assisting 226 manufacturers, and awarding £553,450.62 in grants for digital transformation. These achievements highlight the programmes commitment to helping manufacturers succeed in a digital world.

2 Made smarter branded flyers. The first flyer features imagery of two people working at a computer screen.
A Made Smarter branded social media carousel advertising a digital manufacturing workshop
£1,573,667 invested across the East Midlands region
226 manufacturers assisted
£553,450.62 in grants awarded