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The mission.

Supporting residents to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Supporting residents to make healthier choices. Croydon Borough Council wanted to support people to make positive lifestyle choices - such as not smoking, or drinking too much and being more active and healthy. It also wanted to see residents achieve positive mental health and wellbeing. 

Our mission was to develop an online product/service that is available and accessible to all and encourages residents to assess their health (using our online MOT) and make positive changes.

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The campaign.

Promoting an online health MOT.

We have been working with Croydon Council for more than 3 years to deliver a behaviour change programme in the borough. During that time we have designed and developed an online health platform, an online health MOT to help residents self assess their health and wellbeing, and an online toolbox to support people to make changes or find services and support locally.  

The online health platform is branded 'JustBe Croydon' and supports the local face to face service which provides up to 12 months of support to help people transform a part of their life - including support to quit smoking or drinking, lose weight and be more active, or become happier and tackle poor mental health.  

We provided some support to the council communications team to help them drive people to the online platform. This includes support with social media marketing, design for outdoor media, print and advertising. 

Visit the platform 

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The research.

A social marketing strategy designed by residents.

We worked in co-creation with local Croydon residents and stakeholders to develop the design and functionality of the online platform. Using insights from the research phase, our in-house marketing team developed a social marketing strategy to engage residents, stakeholders and healthcare professionals and promote the new online resource. 

The impact.

For the website, we sourced and researched the best motivational and encouraging tools and resources available to encourage behaviour change, as well as developing our own shareable and engaging digital content. We also designed a unique health MOT, which triages high-risk residents to a one to one 'behaviour change' service, via an advanced algorithm using scientifically accredited assessments.

Smoking cessation 71% of clients quit smoking
Weight management 61% of clients with a BMI of over 25 had lost some weight at their 12 month review
Physical activity referrals 45% of clients reported being more active at their 12 month review
Alcohol reduction 70% of clients reported drinking less at their 12 month review
Programme overall 75% of those eligible to take part in the service opted in