Three executive summary reports laid out in a row on a grey surface.
An opened Welsh language report featuring photos, illustrations and an infographic.

The mission.

We have supported EHRC with many different designed publications including guidance, research reports, business plans, flyers, leaflets, posters, infographics, data visualisation, social media, videos and gifs.

These tackle a range of topics such as women rights, supporting pregnant women at work, the gender pay gap, disability discrimination on public transport and access to legal aid for discrimination cases. Everything we do for EHRC has one thing in common; they follow EHRC's strong brand guidelines with accessibility at the heart. 

The front and back of a flyer for those seeking legal advice regarding a transport issue.

The design.

The communications such as reports, campaigns and social media are the public face of the EHRC. Therefore, it's key that everything we design follows their clear, consistent brand guidelines. They must also be available in Welsh.

Accessibility is incredibly important for EHRC as they have legal duty to ensure that information is accessible to disabled users. This means that everything we produce has been created to be accessible such as accessible PDF's and videos.

Our work for EHRC so far has enabled them to promote and enforce the laws and protect the rights to fairness, dignity and respect.  

A stack of reports titled 'Closing the gender pay gap' featuring an image of women discussing work.