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We design and build online products that inspire change and action in people and communities.

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​Online products designed for change

We design and deliver digital solutions that are not only innovative and engaging - but most importantly deliver positive social change.

Behaviour change interventions and marketing messages are increasingly being delivered through digital channels including websites, smartphone apps, social media channels and wearables.

We have designed and built several online behaviour change platforms to help people self care and manage their health and we have designed online MOT's and health screening tools to help people understand their world right now.

Every strategy and solution we develop is rooted in effecting positive change. We embed behavioural science in every product - because we believe beautiful online products have to work.

Diabetes Virtual School

Everyday around 700 people are diagnosed with Diabetes. That’s one person every two minutes. This costs the NHS £1million an hour. That’s 10% of the entire NHS budget.

We have designed a Diabetes Virtual School to help people with Diabetes to understand their diagnosis and manage their condition. This online school provides an alternative source of education for patients who cannot, or do not want to attend a group course (currently around 75 - 95% of patients).

Patients can participate at a time convenient to them, in the comfort of their own home, over a longer period of time. This is a very exciting product developed in partnership with professionals and patients.

To find out more about the Diabetes Virtual School please contact the programme director: or telephone 01522 775060.

Diabetes Diabetes

Sport Participation Management Facility

Sport participation has been a huge focus in the fight against the rapidly rising levels of obesity across the UK in recent years, with projected costs of obesity to the NHS of £9.7 billion by 2050.

Participation in sport and physical activity can make a huge difference when trying to combat the rising obesity epidemic, but helping people to stay motivated to exercise can be a challenge. How do we help people to change their behaviour and sustain the change?

We have designed an online platform to help sports organisations to manage and maintain their levels of sport participation, including embedded behavioural theory to help 'nudge' people to continue exercising and participating in regular classes and activities.

In addition, we want to make sure people are given recognition for continuing to exercise on a regular basis, and for those that need that extra helping hand we can provide little tips and tricks to help them keep returning to an activity week after week.

For more information on on our Sports Participation Offer and how we can implement this for your organisation, please contact or telephone 01522 775060.

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Lifestyle behaviour change platform

Encouraging people to make positive changes to their lifestyle can be challenging - not everyone will respond to the same message, motivation or reason. As specialists in behaviour change, we understand the need for varied and targeted messaging, to suit different ages, genders and lifestyles.

We have designed and created several lifestyle behaviour change platforms which can encourage and motivate people to change their lifestyle behaviour. These platforms offer a range of different resources, including suggested websites, podcasts, videos and tips and advice to help people select the tools that fit in well with their current lifestyles.

We have also created online 'Health MOT's', with a unique algorithm, to help inform people what they need to change, based on their current health behaviour. Our MOT provides personalised results and recommends how they can change.

If you would like to find out more on what our lifestyle behaviour change platform can offer, email or give the team a call on 01522 775060.

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We created #HeadsUp - a online campaign to reduce suicide and connect men with talking therapies and mental health services.

This product was designed for Buckinghamshire County Council and includes an online 'mental health check'. Men can take the online test and find out if they could benefit from talking therapies (IAPT services). The algorithm connects men to services if they wish to self refer, or they can choose self help and access a range of online tools and guides in the 'men's toolbox'.

With permission from Buckinghamshire Council, we can work with you to create your own #HeadsUp for men or we can create a new product and local brand to help you connect with men at risk of poor mental health, anxiety and suicide in your area. Get in touch with the team.

To view #Heads Up visit

Headsup Headsup

Love Your Bump

​We developed the 'Love Your Bump' brand for Hertfordshire County Council primarily to encourage mum's to be and their partners to quit smoking before their baby is born.

We have since developed this brand to support parents to adopt a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy - to include quitting alcohol, smoking and changing food habits and behaviours. If you are interested in adopting Love Your Bump locally, please get in touch with the team.

Love your bump Love your bump