6th March, 2019

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Image for 5 ways to switch off during your annual leave

5 ways to switch off during your annual leave

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People litter picking outdoors. Man wearing marigolds smiling at camera.

How can we persuade more people to volunteer?

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A woman reading a menu at a restaurant.

Can you still have your cake and eat it?

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Image for Is Instagram Harming Young Girls?

Is Instagram Harming Young Girls?

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From behind, a young boy is playing a video game on his television in a dark room.

New report highlights outdated gambling regulations

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Two pairs of trainers walk through a park.

Why the new lockdown rules could support our mental health

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A woman stands with her head in her hands besides an unhappy man sitting with a bottle of beer.

Alcohol consumption during COVID-19

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A woman on a path bending down to tying her trainers during a running or walking session.

How activity levels are changing under COVID-19

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A man sits on a bench with his head in his hands against a bright natural light.

The social impact of coronavirus

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A person holding two tablets in one hand and a glass of water in the other hand.

Are we getting more depressed?

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Two children play on a tablet computer underneath a blanket in a dimly lit bedroom.

The rise of gambling in children

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A man wearing a gaming headset playing a game on a large computer screen.

Are we addicted to gaming?

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