This is social media for a better world - welcome to WeAre8. 

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On this week’s episode of Tea with the Changemakers, Andy’s chatting with entrepreneur and WeAre8 founder, Sue Fennessy. The B Corp-certified social media platform encourages its users to post with pride and be their authentic selves.

You might remember stories from a few years back when Facebook was allegedly looking to make users pay to use their platform; unsurprisingly, it never happened - who’d want to pay to look at what their mates had for dinner?! More to the point, the platform already earns so much money from advertising, would it really be a good idea to penalise users financially? Now, WeAre8 is the platform paying the money generated through advertising forward – to their users! 

Image for A new social media platform that’s socially responsible…  This is definitely not the Metaverse!

On the WeAre8 app, the user decides which adverts they want to watch, so they only see content on topics that they're actually interested in, as opposed to what an algorithm on a server somewhere tells them they’re interested in. Once someone watches an advert that’s tailored to them, 50% of the revenue generated is paid forward into their 8Wallet.  

Users can choose to keep the money for themselves, pay towards their EE phone bill right from the app, or pay it on to one of We are 8’s charity partners, including UNICEF, The Starlight Children’s Foundation, and The Great Barrier Reef Foundation.  

Furthermore, an additional 5% of all advertisers’ spending goes to charity and carbon offset, with an additional 5% added to a creator fund to support further content creation. 

If this all sounds a bit revolutionary and forward-thinking, well, that’s because it is – at least, we think so! But make up your own mind - hear from Sue herself in this week’s episode of Tea with the Changemakers, and find out how her plans for WeAre8 are going to change the world of social media as we know it. 

"I love conversations that help you discover new perspectives and inspire you to think differently about things, and this is the essence of Tea with the Changemakers. I loved being part of this, but it was only on reflection that I realized that you can only dive into the 'good' stuff, the 'real' stuff when you have trust and respect as the foundation, and that’s how the guys at Tea with the Changemakers made me feel. This conversation inspired me to imagine how small acts of kindness from a place of trust can make such a big difference in the world. The little things are the big things. Thanks to Max, for producing this brilliant episode, and to Andy for being so fun to chat to! " - Sue Fennessy, WeAre8 Founder 

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