The offer aims to increase levels of participation across different demographics of students, with a particular focus on female participation. The offer aims to encourage more women to play Tagged, and the rules have been designed to make sure male players encourage participation... females score double points for a try!


The branding for Tagged was developed in co-creation with the target audience. We wanted to resonate not only with people wishing to take up a new sport, but also with a wider audience of students who might not consider rugby and who might only be interested in the social side to sport participation. After conducting research and using the Sport England segments to guide our strategy we knew that we had to make this new rugby offer fun, easy and popular.

Whilst developing the brand, we were considerate of the different channels for marketing to students and decided that a digital marketing strategy was important to engage students and encourage sign up at face to face trial sessions. Social media and video was used to support our key messages and promote this new offer to students. Marketing started ahead of the new university term beginning and other marketing techniques such as print and word of mouth marketing were used in the first two weeks of September to spark interest in the sport. We designed and developed a new website to engage players which includes a league and fixtures table. Merchandise including rugby balls, t-shirts and shorts have been designed and mirror the 'fun' feel we have tried to create with this brand.


The video concept is based loosely on a retro gaming theme, using the university journey as a ‘level’ for the video. This was well received by students, capturing attention with its unique idea, concept and look.