A new campaign called “Quit for them” which encourages parents to quit smoking for the sake of their children has been launched across North Wales. “Quit for them” is an online resource where smokers can order quit kits, access a comprehensive guide to local services and download vouchers that can be redeemed at local pharmacies for Nicotine replacement therapy and support.

The Quit for them campaign, designed by us here at Social Change UK is being promoted on facebook throughout North Wales and all smokers are being encouraged to like the page so that they can receive support and advice around quitting smoking. It is a community site where smokers can support each other and get tips and advice from smokers and non-smokers and professionals. 

Delyth Jones is a Principal in Public Health in North Wales said: “Many parents will be using the change in the law around smoking in cars and the launch of Stoptober as a trigger to make a quit attempt. The Quit for them website, (www.quit.wales) Facebook page (www.facebook.com/quitforthem) and downloadable resources will ensure that smokers can access the right support to make their quit as successful as possible.”

“We are keen to feature success stories and are looking for parents who have already quit giving advice and encouragement to others. We know how difficult it is to kick the habit and are keen to reward those that who have managed to give up. We will be offering those that take part by giving them a pamper session and a chance to take part in a photo shoot during the Autumn.”

Judy Henley, from Community Pharmacy Wales said, "Community pharmacies are close to the communities they look after and most are open long hours making them convenient places for people to access smoking cessation support. Our pharmacists are trained to advise smokers about the most appropriate nicotine replacement therapies and give 12 weeks of confidential behavioural support to ensure smokers have the best chance possible of quitting successfully."