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We have all heard that phrase: knowledge is power. And here at Social Change UK we really believe that knowledge gives you the power to change things.

Professional, engaging, innovative and inspiring. These are the key ingredients of all our courses. An industry expert delivers every course. Their talent and current experience in the field adds value as they can give you practical examples of how to apply theory to reality.

An Introduction to Behaviour Change (one-day)

This course is perfect for professionals who want to change attitudes and behaviours through their work. Popular in the health sector, behavioural change marketing, sometimes referred to as ‘social marketing’ has been used to reduce smoking prevalence, increase physical exercise incommunities and reduce teenage pregnancies. Local authorities have also used behavioural change marketing principles to engage more fully with the electorate and meet green and environmental targets (such as recycling). In the private sector, the same tools have been used to influence purchasing behaviour and understand consumer behaviour.

If your goal is to move and motivate people to change then this course is ideal for you. Suitable for professionals new to behavioural change marketing or social marketing.

This course covers:

1. How behavioural theory can be used to influence change
2. Getting to know your audience and the importance of generating insight
3. Behavioural goals
4. The concept of exchange inbehaviour change marketing
5. Working with the competition
6. Segmentation and targeting
7. Designing solutions using insight

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for professionals new to behavioural changemarketing/social marketing.

How long is the course?

One day

Behaviour Change – Advanced (one-day)

This practical course is for professionals who already understand and apply the principles of behavioural change marketing in their work but want to advance their knowledge and skill set in this field, especially in areas such as return on investment, developing commercial partnerships and behavioural science.

This course covers:

1. The success criteria for behavioural change marketing
2. Advanced behavioural theory and behavioural science
3. Research methods forgreater insight
4. Behavioural goals and measuring success
5. Return on investment and value for money
6. Shock tactics
7. Ethics
8. Commercial partnerships
9. Advanced segmentation and targeting
10. Service redesign and solutions design.

Who should attend?

If your goal is to move and motivate people to change then this course is ideal for you. Suitable for professionals who already understand and apply theprinciples of behaviour change marketing but want to learn moreor advance their knowledge and skill set.

How long is the course?

One day

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Our courses and workshops range from £695 for a 3-hour virtual workshop to £1,895 for a virtual course/workshop.

We can deliver courses in the workplace if you require. A small cost for travel is payable. Each workshop/ course can cater for up to 20 people.

Please email our team to enquire about available dates and to find out more. 

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