Two infographics showing changes in digital and audio projects used in the Roundhouse SROI report.

The mission.

Evaluating impact 

In order to help Roundhouse improve and develop their youth creative programme, Social Change carried out a Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation with their stakeholders. SROI is an approach that uses financial proxies to represent social value created and destroyed by target activities, in monetary terms. Our mission was to evaluate the impact of Roundhouse Digital and Audio projects for young people who are NEET status (not in employment, education or training).

An infographic showing the impact of Roundhouse Youth Creative projects used in the Roundhouse SROI report.

The research.

Calculating SROI 

Through numerous quantitative and qualitative consultations with stakeholders including surveys and interviews, we gained an understanding of the outcomes young people gained from taking part in Roundhouse creative projects. Whilst calculating SROI for each of the two project strands, the data was continually assessed according to the core Principles of SROI to ensure a robust evaluation of the project activities.  

A young singer recording in a studio, reading lyrics off their phone.

What we did.

Maximising value

To present SROI findings, we created a summary report and visually engaging infographics to communicate the impact of Roundhouse projects. The findings will support Roundhouse to optimise their activities and maximise the value they create for young creatives and the creative industries. This research may help to drive input and focus towards outcomes which are high value or most important to stakeholders. Now, Roundhouse can continue to deliver unique creative and personal development opportunities to young people through their Broadcast and Digital Programme, with a refined understanding of how to maximise positive impact on those individuals and the creative community.

2 SROI analyses completed
28 well-defined outcomes identified 
315 young people impacted yearly
3 visual data infographics delivered