2 young adults smile while talking to each other alongside campaign imagery and a campaign slogan.
A close-up shot of a someone holding a nomination form from the Derbyshire NHS Governors campaign.

The mission.

To attract and recruit members of staff and the public to the board of governors at DCHS.

With 17 Governors positions to recruit for it was our mission to design and deliver an engaging campaign targeting 4 key constituencies across Derbyshire & Derby city.

The colourful pages of the NHS guide to becoming a public governor are displayed.

The campaign.

The campaign needed to engage a broad range of people across Derby & Derbyshire. Some constituencies have been traditionally hard to engage and recruit so we were determined to create an encompassing, friendly campaign that focused on the impact the NHS has within a community, and the positive impact that residents could deliver within their community by becoming a governor.

We delivered a paid social campaign and direct email campaign to bring residents through to an application pack on the DCHS website. The key message ‘Your community, your NHS’ was used throughout the campaign with images of real people from various age groups and backgrounds representative of the audience we were trying to recruit.

A top-down view of an opened NHS governor application form with a pen beside it.
Someone is viewing a social media post on their phone from the Governor campaign.
A full board of Governors recruited
Over 200k people saw the advert
Over 32k reach
Around 800 link clicks in 4 weeks