6th March, 2019

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Two students read together from a book as one points to a part of the page.

A - Z of research methods

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The Starbucks Coffee logo featuring the signature mermaid wearing a face mask.

Can a change to a logo better promote social distancing?

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A Christmas ornament of a television showing Santa Clause sat beside a decorated tree.

Marketing for change, not just for Christmas

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Image for The power of narrative and stories in research

The power of narrative and stories in research

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A young boy is sitting cross-legged on the floor in a bedroom, smiling off to the side.

Tackling mental health: Starting young

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A young boy with raised hands is sat in a classroom wearing a virtual reality headset.

Life through another eye: The reality of virtual reality

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A small metal ball with built-in cameras and microphones is overlooking a large concert crowd.

Life through another eye: 360 vision with a conscious decision

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Four people sit with laptops and notepads, sharing ideas and making notes.

Why is co-creation so valuable?

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