Glamorous dresses? Check. Smart suits? Check. Champagne to either celebrate or commiserate? Double check. I think we're ready for awards night...

On the 13th June, the Social Change team will be heading to the Lincolnshire Technology & Innovation Awards 2019 for a very special evening. Our kindness platform - Good&Kind - has been nominated as a finalist in the Tech for Good category! We could say we're chuffed to bits, but then that would be an understatement...

In case you haven't heard of Good&Kind before, here's everything you need to know!

A platform of kindness

We built a digital platform that encourages people to take part in kind acts. Hosting over 120 acts (and counting!) every single act has a positive impact on society. To put it simply - we're changing the world one kind act at a time...and it's free to sign up to which is always a bonus!

A platform based on facts

At the time of writing this blog, everyone who has signed up to Good&Kind (nicknamed the Good&Kind family) has saved society a total of £4,252,170. This is a big number and we're pretty proud of it, but we didn't just pluck it out of thin air. Within our team of 10 change makers we have a dedicated research team that dive into data on a daily basis. Back in 2017 we set them a task - 12 months to analyse the impact of 100 kind acts. Every act of kindness usually has a massive domino effect on society so with some dedicated time, effort and a large amount of tea later, we made sure thet every single act of kindness has accurate cost benefits to society - and we make these clear on our platform.

A platform that's just getting started

This award nomination marks the beginning of a new era for Good&Kind because right now, we've only just started. Bold plans are in place to expand Good&Kind in almost every single way. New acts - yep. New ways to share kind experiences - you bet. An in-depth reward system that connects business, brands and audiences together to work towards a common goal while also benefiting everyone involved - hell yeah!

It's fair to say that we're on the edge of our seats for next week! Have your fingers crossed for us, because right now the whole Social Change/Good&Kind team have everything crossed...