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We are a leading social research and marketing agency with decades of experience in bringing about positive social and behavioural change.

Over nearly two decades we have worked on campaigns that tackle a whole variety of different social issues. We are the people who like to open the 'too difficult' box and take on the issues that many find hard to crack. 

Purpose and impact have always been at the heart of everything we do, but how do you measure the impact of your actions when the bottom line isn’t your only priority. In an increasingly purpose-driven and customer-conscious world, ‘value’ needs to consider not only the economic return, but also the social and environmental value. This is where Social Return on Investment (SROI) comes in.

SROI is an outcomes-based measurement framework that helps organisations to understand and quantify the social, environmental and economic value they are creating – or in some cases, destroying. It is about ascribing and providing a VALUE to what matters (i.e. a particular change in customer behaviour, or change in wider health, social and environmental issues).

Ultimately, SROI will generate a key ratio of benefits: costs for an action or activity. For example, if an activity has an SROI ratio of 3:1, it delivers £3 worth of social / environmental value (benefits) for every £1 put in to do the activity (the cost).

So what are the benefits?

Calculating your Social Return on Investment [SROI] will: 

  • Help you to understand what social value is being created and how to maximise it
  • Clarify assumed ‘social value’ by actively quantifying and measuring it
  • Support improved stakeholder relationships
  • Provide a competitive advantage to stand out from the crowd to business customers



  • Enhance your reputation and position you as an innovator
  • Provide a ‘return on investment’ perspective to investors/ funders
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of why an activity is ‘achieving its aim’
  • Support your strategic direction

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A guide to Social Return on Investment -SROI

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