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 “We are very excited to become part of a community of organisations whose values and beliefs match our own mission; to create positive and sustainable change in everything we do. We recognise that we have a responsibility to our communities and environment, and we strive to continually improve the positive impact we can have in the world.” - Kelly Hunstone, Chief Executive, Social Change UK

Changing behaviour

Using persuasion for social good

Changing behaviour to support the wider social good is what we do. We work to understand people, why they do what they do and produce social marketing campaigns to support people to make a change. Persuasion can be a powerful tool in supporting this.

Getting emotional insights

How to use research methods to understand emotional decision making

It is important to understand not only what emotions are, but how they can impact human behaviour and decision-making. But how?

Championing the care sector across Lincolnshire.

We are working with the Lincolnshire Care Association to promote an important and thriving care sector that includes nursing homes, care homes and care at home providers – all of which are providing a vital service to residents across the county.

Keeping positive

Our collection of positive news stories

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, we want to bring you some of the most positive news stories to show you just a sample of some of the good things that are happening right now. From raising money for the NHS to the smallest acts of kindness, these stories will be sure to bring a smile to your face - and maybe a few tears.

The National Child Measurement Programme

An animation carefully designed and illustrated to explain to parents, children and teachers what the  National Child Measurement Programme is and why it is important.

Kelly explores the science behind lockdown behaviour.

Packed beaches in a pandemic – the science that explains why

Hordes of beachgoers sparked social media uproar last week when temperatures soared, but after months of compliance and sacrifice, why are people now being tempted by the sea and sand when we are not yet in the clear?  

Gambling in the digital world

New report highlights outdated gambling regulations

The House of Lords Select Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry has recently released its Gambling Harm: Time for Action report, and it’s nothing short of concerning.

Kieran’s Super-secret Landing Page

Changemaker Academy webinar: an introduction to Behavioural Insights

Recruitment for an NHS Public Assurance Group

The aim of this campaign was to recruit residents from across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to join a voluntary panel to ensure that the views of the public and patients have been considered in key decision making.

Focusing on real value

An introduction to Social Return on Investment

Consumers today are becoming increasingly conscientious. Their focus has shifted towards brands and businesses which are purposeful, socially responsible and create value for the wider social good, which is why Social Return on Investment is about to become your new best friend.

Statement created: 8th June 2020

Social distancing: how we are continuing to conduct insightful research during COVID-19 lockdown and beyond

Understanding human behaviour

An introduction to habit theory

At Social Change UK, we employ behavioural science and psychological theory in order to understand human behaviour so that we know how best to change it. One area which has recently piqued our interest is habit theory.

Kieran’s Super-secret Page

Behavioural Insights.

Tech for good

Using VR and AR for social good

Exploring how virtual and augmented reality technology is currently being used, and how it can be used further, to tackle important issues and work towards the wider social good to create positive change.

Changing the way we exercise

The evolution of physical activity; forming new exercise habits in lockdown

Lockdown life has not been an easy ride for many, and we are expecting social distancing to continue for several months. Despite the negatives that have been dominating the news of late, I find myself looking with intrigue at some of the positive, if not potentially life-shaping, effects the coronavirus pandemic is having on us - including exercise adoption.

When advertising is NOT appropriate.

Looking after our mental wellbeing

Why the new lockdown rules could support our mental health

This week marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week (18th – 24th May), a topic that is inevitably a huge talking point in the current situation in lockdown. Many experts are now looking at how the effects of living under lockdown may evolve into longer-term issues, as a result of the prolonged restriction in place to support the control of coronavirus. But how can we start to affect the building issue of mental health now, to lessen the impact and mitigate the potential problems faced following the long period of restricted living?

Human behaviour

Alcohol consumption during COVID-19

Recent research published by Alcohol Change UK tells us that alcohol consumption is changing under coronavirus and lockdown measures, for better and worse. In this blog, we explore this research and review the factors influencing changes in alcohol consumption and behaviour – and their wider impact on people and society.

Eloise, our resident history geek, explores some key historical moments and the lessons they teach about what could be coming next thanks to Coronavirus.

Lessons from history: how to create progress as we come out of the Coronavirus crisis

Changemaker Academy

Welcome to The Changemaker Academy, a special ‘learning’ place created for people who want to explore how to make a positive difference to people and communities and deliver impact through their work.

We have designed a range of online and workplace programmes to help you become a fantastic changemaker. Our courses have been designed to inspire change in you and others.


Webinars 2020.

Join us for a 30-minute online discussion about people and their behaviour this month. We will be sharing some key insights about people and what has made them tick this month including what people have been searching for online, how people have reacted to the news of the day and what trends and topics have got people talking - and behaving.

When? The last Tuesday of the month [except for August and December].

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Human behaviour

How activity levels are changing under COVID-19

New research by Sport England has indicated that our physical activity levels are changing during the coronavirus crisis and under lockdown. In this blog, we use this research to explore both increasing and decreasing activity levels and the reasons behind these changes.

Understanding Veteran Needs

The Welsh Government, working with Public Health Wales wanted to better understand the healthcare need of veterans so they could better support them in the community.

Promoting care in the home

Promoting care in the home in Lincolnshire

We are working with Walnut Care, a domiciliary care provider in Lincolnshire, to promote their services and raise awareness of issues affecting older people. 

Design and video for

The Equality and Human Rights Commission

We work with the Equality and Human Rights Commission to support their design and video needs to promote and uphold equality and human rights ideals and laws across England, Scotland and Wales.


Human behaviour

How behaviour during coronavirus is being viewed

Never before have we heard so much talk about human behaviour - the good and bad. In this article, I share the news stories and articles that have caught my attention during the COVID lockdown weeks. All are about people, understanding them and finding out why they do what they do - especially in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. I'll be adding to the page, so check back if this interests you. 

A guide for researchers

A - Z of research methods

No two pieces of research are the same, nor should they be! You might be studying the same topic area using the same target audience as another, but using a different research method can result in completely different data and subsequent insights. Successful research is all in its methodology – and its lovely participants of course.

Brands are changing their logos to promote social distancing

Can a change to a logo better promote social distancing?

Some well-known brands have changed their logo to help promote a concept relatively new to many of us - social distancing. Is it a cynical ploy or a genuine effort to get more of us to keep our distance? 

Keeping positive

Our top ten positive news stories

Today we list 10 positive news stories emerging from the crisis we all know as Coronavirus. It's just a sample of all the good things happening right now and how many are choosing to award and applaud others. Sometimes we just need a spoonful of positive dust to help us through... here is our sprinkling...

Behavioural insights

Why you should be using virtual focus groups

As researchers, it’s important for us to be flexible and able to adapt to different, complex situations. Today’s social distancing and isolation is no different. In the first instance, you may worry about your research and struggle to see how you can carry on when you can’t engage with your target audience. However, we’re here to tell you that you can do just that, but perhaps a little differently than you’re used to…

We’re finalist for The Drum Marketing Awards 2020!

 “We’re absolutely thrilled to make the shortlist again – this time with a different campaign, which demonstrates that we are consistently delivering high quality, creative and innovative campaigns for our clients. We are up against some tough competition like ITV and Burger King but that didn’t stop us winning last year, so we are hoping we can do it again!” - Kelly Hunstone, Chief Executive

Exclusive article written for CityX

What Coronavirus teaches us about behaviour

This article first appeared in CityX on the 13th March 2020.

Protecting our team and supporting our clients through a difficult period

We are open, and it's business as usual for us.

As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnoses continue to increase around the world, Social Change UK is committed to providing a safe environment for our staff and ensuring business continuity, to the best of our abilities, in service to you, our clients and partners. 

Supporting care in Hertfordshire

We have supported Hertfordshire County council with two care campaigns: the first to encourage local people to consider a career in care and the second: to promote the support available to unpaid carers. 

Sheffield Urgent Care Services

Plan B not A+E.

The aim of this campaign is to alleviate pressure on A+E & GP surgeries by reducing the number of inappropriate visits & to raise awareness of the wealth of alternative urgent care services available to residents in Sheffield.

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Tea with the changemakers.


Competition terms

LinCa Conference Competition

20mph Consultation Campaign.

Reducing speeds in Kingston Town’s Neighborhoods.We worked with the borough of Kingston Upon Thames to create a campaign spanning print and digital mediums that hoped to make their residential roads safer.

Legal stuff

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What to expect in 2020 - the Social Change UK predictions.

2020 is going to be a year that will see accelerated technological and social change. But not all is good. Here are the predictions. 

Marketing for change, not just for Christmas


2019: A year of green, red and blue


Let’s go Southall physical activity intervention pilot.

The Let’s go Southall team at Ealing Council appointed Social Change UK as their evaluation partner for their local delivery physical activity pilot in Southall.

Insight to support and promote change at scale.

How can we change behaviour at scale? This was the question Buckinghamshire County Council wanted to answer when they signed up to Prevention at Scale. We were brought in at the scoping and research stage to help fill the research gaps and uncover some insight that might help to answer this important question. 

Police leadership insight workshops.

Uncovering insight to embed leadership behaviours across the police.

Surrey and Sussex Police asked Social Change UK to undertake research to uncover insights that would inform the launch of their Leadership Development Programme.

Your weekly podcast

Tea with the changemakers.


The Drum Social Purpose Awards winners 2019!

Social Change UK sees off leading international brands to claim the prestigious National Social Purpose award

Campaign of the year (not for profit)


We’re finalists for the Drum Social Purpose Awards 2019!

“We are beyond excited to be a finalist at this year’s Drum Social Purpose Awards alongside some of the biggest agencies and campaigns in the world.“I’m super proud of the team for all their award nominations this year and this just confirms to me that you don’t have to be a big agency with big budgets to create something special and reach millions of people with your message.” - Kelly Hunstone, Chief Executive

Encouraging men to open up and have a #ManChat.


NW Counselling asked us to design a campaign to encourage men to talk and ‘open up’ about their feelings and not ‘bottle up’ how they feel.

How to discover purpose and leave a legacy you (and others) can be proud of.

Autumn-Talk-How to compete with the Big Players

Autumn Talk - Is your marketing strategy working for you?

Autumn Talk-What’s next depends on what you know now

Marketing for health and social care

Talk to Us Campaign.

The JobCentre Plus in Middlesbrough was coming under fire for not empathizing with jobseekers with mental, emotional or complex needs. In a bid to turn around this perceived or actual view of JobCentre Plus, we were asked to work with residents to uncover their stories and find out what was creating such a strong view locally. 

Pegasus Occupational Health.

We worked with Pegasus Occupational Health to help them nudge employees to take individual actions that help improve personal health and wellbeing. 

Who drinks alcohol and why.

We worked with Public Health Wales to identify attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards alcohol.

PHE Skin Cancer.

We worked with NHS England and Public Health England to find out why many men don't protect their skin. 


Inspiring business growth.

We are working with South Holland District Council to encourage businesses to access grant funding for growth.


Raising confidence and self esteem in young women in North Wales.

We launched a campaign in North Wales with the key aim of increasing confidence and self esteem in young women.

Police Visibility in Cambridgeshire.

We carried out research to understand the current level of public confidence in the police and the perceptions residents hold about police visibility in Cambridgeshire.

Business Lincolnshire

Supporting business growth across Greater Lincolnshire.

We are currently working with Lincolnshire County Council to promote their Business Growth Hub facility for small to medium sized businesses in Greater Lincolnshire.

We can help you deliver the NHS Long Term Plan

A promotional film for the future.

Hertfordshire Good Growth.

Promoting Good Growth.Good Growth is Hertfordshire’s plan to push the county forward in a variety of ways. From more jobs and homes to cleaner energy solutions and more efficient public transport - the goals are ambitious and exciting.

Increasing activity levels in older adults

Never Too Late campaign.

We worked with Hertfordshire County Council to create a campaign to support adults (aged 50+) to increase their physical activity levels.

Social Prescribing Research and Marketing Strategy.

Understanding and increasing social prescribing within GP settings.

Hertfordshire and West Essex STP asked Social Change UK to undertake research to inform the creation of a social marketing strategy and implementation plan for a campaign targeting GPs and GP Practices with the aim of increasing social prescribing rates.


10 simple ways you can cut down on plastic waste

91% of plastic isn't recycled, and everything you've ever owned will one day become waste. However, you can help us on the road to a plastic-free planet with our infographic, which lists 10 hassle-free ways you can cut your plastic usage down. Be a pal - share it now! (hint hint)

A campaign to recruit Governors for DCHS

Board of Governors Recruitment Campaign.

We worked with the NHS in Derbyshire to attract and recruit residents and NHS staff to the Derbyshire Community Healthcare NHS Trust Board of Governors.

Local stop smoking insight and campaign

Quit your way.

We worked with Middlesbrough Council to uncover local insight into smoking attitudes and behaviours and develop a campaign to inspire smokers to quit for good.

Health and Social Care User Experience.

Lewisham Council created a new online health and social care directory to ease pressure on the customer service team who were often kept busy with phone calls and face to face visits from residents searching for services to support them.

Despite this new online service being made available – and publicised widely - residents in Lewisham continued to phone the council.

Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub Evaluation.

Providing an evaluation service for the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub for SMEs in Greater Lincolnshire.

Exploring inactivity in older adults in Lincolnshire.

Understanding inactivity in older adults.

We worked with Active Lincolnshire to conduct research to understand the factors contributing to the high levels of physical inactivity in older adults (adults aged 55 and over) living in Lincolnshire.


10 easy steps to reducing your plastic waste

Only 9% of plastic is recycled, but you can help change that! We're working towards a world free of plastic waste, and you can too with our 10 simple steps to going plastic-free. 


No words: Dairy Milk removes text from packaging for sweetest reason

Cadbury's latest campaign with Age UK is using words, or rather, the lack of them, to raise awareness of loneliness amongst older people in the UK. But is it encouraging people to share their words as well as their chocolate?

The effects of air pollution

Fighting climate change is quickly becoming a major priority for everyone around the globe. Back in 2018, the World Health Organisation labelled air pollution a “public health emergency,” so our research team pulled together the most shocking statistics into a handy infographic for you. Now, getting the word out  about the impact air pollution is having on our environment is easier than ever!

Generating insights from research findings

You've done your research and uncovered your findings - what next? Looking beyond the facts and figures to generate insights is the key to creating impact, but it's not always an easy process. Although we love it when insights are staring us directly in the face, often more energy is needed for insights to fully form.

Fortunately, our expert guide breaks this process down into three simple steps, helping you to find actionable insights that will move your research forward. After all, insights are the first step towards true behaviour change - download the guide now to get started!

Autumn Talks

For us, evaluation is ongoing.

Evaluation and SROI.

If we can't measure the impact of our change programmes, what's the point?


We're the sort of people who build evaluation in from start to finish, learning and adapting for our clients as we go. We know how important real-time evaluation is - because it's knowing whether you are focusing your resources and budget in the right areas and achieving the outcomes you planned for.

Our team can help you determine the right things to measure, analyse and interpret data - in real time or at the end - and importantly they can help you measure impact.


  • Monthly monitoring and reporting
  • Social impact
  • Social return on investment
  • Programme evaluation
  • Process evaluation
  • Service review
  • ROI analysis
  • Campaign evaluation
Connecting brands with a good cause

Cause marketing

We passionately believe that businesses and brands can help solve some of society's toughest issues and bring important issues to the attention of the consumer.

Cause-based marketing markets a specific idea, cause, or goal, rather than a specific business, product, or service. It is our belief that if done well - and with heart - a business can sell its products and services effortlessly if it starts with a mission to do good and add value to peoples lives.

We work with businesses and brands to create an authentic alignment between their brand and a selected cause or cause partner, to drive social impact and optimise brand value. We help businesses of all sizes embrace cause marketing and embed a cause culture into their organisation. We design and deliver cause-based marketing campaigns on a range of social, health and environmental issues. We help businesses to align themselves with a particular issue or cause and we help them measure their impact. 

We also help businesses to work together with partners to solve issues and champion a cause collectively, so if you are seeking to collaborate with others on an issue you care about, we can 'match' you to the perfect charity or cause partner. 



Test Landing Page

The COM-B model of behaviour

Understanding what influences behaviour is key to making behaviour change possible. As behaviour change experts, we make it our business to know about the best behaviour models out there, so we can make the biggest impact possible with our campaigns.

In this guide, we focus on the COM-B model, which proposes 'Behaviour' is a result of 'Capability', 'Opportunity' and 'Motivation'. We explore the components to these determinants of behaviour and how this model can be utilised to make long-term behaviour change. In this guide we use the example of inactivity and how the use of the COM-B model could be used to increase active behaviour. Once applied, this model can be used to tackle even the toughest social issues.  


Generation Z and young Millennials: bringing an era of change

Young people are not drinking. They are turning their nose up to meat, gender definitions and Club 18-30. It's a huge cultural shift, and it's happening at record speed...

Cutting through the hype: the state of knife crime

From just a passing glance at the media headlines this year, you can't fail to notice the apparent increase in knife crime, particularly in London, and the accompanying sense of moral panic about the state of knife crime in the UK. In this blog, I'll examine whether this 'panic' is justified and explore what could be done differently to help address the issue. 

In the news: Rejecting cigarettes and junk food crackdown

We've taken a dive into the news over the past few weeks and picked out the juiciest news pieces that we think you should know about!


Who cares about chartered marketers?

This article was written for CityX and was published on their news platform on 16th August 2019. After sparking a heated debate on LinkedIn, Kelly, was asked to write a column on the value of chartered marketer status. This is her column. 

UK Agency Awards 2019 Finalists!

We’re so excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for an award at the UK Agency Awards 2019. The Your Sexual Health Matters Campaign, which made national headlines and onto TV screens across the country earlier this year, has now earned us a finalist slot in the Best Not-for-Profit Category at the prestigious national awards.

Hertfordshire #JustTalk animation project.

We brought student animations to life and created amazing videos for young people. 

Best not for profit campaign

Helping to understand and tackle childhood obesity.

Insight to tackle childhood obesity.

We worked with Knowsley Council to uncover insight and help professionals and stakeholders understand what factors influence changes in weight in primary school children and the steps and system change needed to reverse childhood obesity. 

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