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Check out our favourite video this animation video we created for the Royal Borough of Greenwich to promote their new programme: Make Every Opportunity Count!

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Our Research Services

Our research services allow us to truly understand people and find out what makes them tick, which is key in developing products and services that people want and need.

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Our campaigns build emotional connections and persuade people to act. From road safety to tackling obesity, we can offer you an expert team to help you deliver social impact.

Introducing Our Video Services!

With our video services, we can help you create the perfect video to help tell your message in new exciting and engaging ways.

Our flagship event
Public Health Online
Public Health Online

On March 15th we hosted our very own conference! Relive the day or catch up on everything you may have missed with the video above.

Helping you to deliver impact
Bitesize Learning
Bitesize Learning - Messengers

In this video Kelly talks about the importance of choosing the correct messenger for your audience.

Bitesize Learning - Commitment

In this video Ammar talks about how setting goals can help a campaigns longevity by encouraging commitment from target audiences.

Bitesize Learning - Social Norming

In this video Jo discusses how 'defaults' can help you change behaviour.

Bitesize Learning - Priming

In this video Ammar talks about the unique concept of priming, and how you can use it to help strengthen your marketing campaign.

Bitesize Learning - Loss aversion

In this video Jo discusses loss aversion and how you can use the power of loss, to gain a lot.

Bitesize Learning - Segmentation

In this video Kelly talks about the importance of always segmenting your audience - especially when budgets are tight.

Bitesize Learning - Defaults

In this video Kelly talks about the power of defaults and how it can increase audience engagement.

Customer Journey Mapping

In this video we explore how customer journey mapping can improve your business.

Videos we have produced for our lovely clients
Client videos
Kent Smokefree

In this video for Kent County Council, Sunil Kochhar, a consultant pharmacist talks about how pharmacies can support smokers to quit.

Kent Smokefree

In this video, Dr Rose Edmonds from Park Vets explains how you can protect your pets from secondhand smoke.

Kent Smokefree

Hayley Colyer, a beautician from Kent talks about the affects of smoking on your skin in a short video for Kent County Council.

Visual Print - Your Vision in Print

A company advertising video we created for Visual Print & Design which creatively showed their wide range of past projects.

Tagged Rugby - Introducing Tagged!

A retro style 'gaming' video we created for Tagged Rugby, a new sport starting in selective universities in 2016.

The Huntercombe Group - Understanding Eating Disorders

An animated information video we produced for Huntercombe Group to help people understand eating disorders.

Alcohol Consumption in North Wales

In this video we look at the sauvignon superwomen and what their motivations are behind alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Consumption in North Wales

In this video we discover who the social lads are and what the younger generations unique views on alcohol consumption are.

Alcohol Consumption in North Wales

In this video we explore who the evening enjoyers are and what the slightly older generations thoughts are on alcohol consumption.

Making Every Opportunity Count

An exciting animation video that aims to encourage people to start Making Every Opportunity Count in the Royal Borough of Greenwich area.

Videos about campaigns and research projects we have worked on
Our Work
Love your Bump

We designed a campaign called Love your Bump for Hertfordshire County Council. In this video we talk about how the concept was created and how research with pregnant smokers helped shape the campaign.

#HeadsUp campaign

We designed a campaign called #HeadsUp for Buckinghamshire County Council to help men identify and address poor self esteem, money problems and feelings of low worth. In this video we talk about how the campaign was developed.

Health Profiles Campaign

We designed infographics on a range of health subjects for Public Health Wales. In this video we discuss the importance of the project and the success it had after its launch.

Hertfordshire Children's Services

We helped with the Children's Services Campaign in Hertfordshire. It was an internal overhaul to help streamline services for both staff and service users. In this video we talk about the design choices we made in the creation of this crucial campaign for Hertfordshire.

Good Care Campaign

We created design materials for the Good Care campaign, with the aim of changing the negative perceptions of jobs in the caring profession. In this video we talk about the design process we took in the creation of these materials.

Dream Big Campaign

We created a campaign called Dream Big for girls and young women in Wales to lead happier and healthier lives. This video talks about the importance of research and how it impacted the creation of the campaign.