We are a social purpose business...

Our vision

We are a social purpose business set up to help you deliver IMPACT.

We are a passionate expert and creative team based in the lovely historic city of Lincoln and the busy and multi-cultural city of London. We work across the UK (and further) to help our clients deliver impact. We stick to what we do best - campaigns for change, research for insight and mattering for business. We design and deliver projects that build emotional connections and encourage people to think and act.

We have a simple philosophy. Do great work. Deliver impact.

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Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We will design and deliver insightful social research that changes attitudes, behaviours and beliefs. The kind of research that will make a difference to policy and people.

We will create award winning campaigns that move and motivate people. The kind of campaigns that make you think, feel and act.

We will help businesses to start mattering - and as a result, get customers to fall in love with their products and services.

Most importantly, we will help our clients to bring about social change. To deliver IMPACT. That is our vision.

Insight. Ideas. Impact.

Our Values

Our values represent what Social Change UK stands for as a business, a corporate citizen and an employer. We live and breathe these values and we will continue to be inspired by them everyday.

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