Smoking in Pregnancy

Reducing the number of pregnant smokers

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What did we do?

The aim of this project was to reduce the number of pregnant smokers in Wolverhampton and also in Northampton.

We undertook research with pregnant smokers (and their families) to gather insight on why uptake of stop smoking services is low. This included working directly with BME populations in 'hot spot' areas and designing solutions to issues and barriers identified from the research.

Research was undertaken with midwives and other healthcare professionals and innovative techniques were trialled to elicit 'in depth' thoughts, feelings and views from both target groups. A number of recommendations were made including a change to how the service responds to pregnant smokers, incentives for quitting and redesigning the messages so pregnant smokers don't just cut down - they cut completely.

We also carried out research with pregnant smokers in Northampton which led to a change in the service led by midwives.