Quit For Them

Quit for Them is a campaign to inspire parents and grandparents to quit smoking for their children. The campaign directs people through to a range of support services and online products to help them kick the habit for good!

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Quit For Them

This campaign has one key aim. To persuade and inspire as many people as possible to quit smoking.

Quit for Them is a digital campaign targeting parents and grandparents in North Wales - an area with high numbers of smokers and increasing numbers of young people taking up smoking. After conducting research we found that traditional forms of advertising were not resonating with smokers, with many already aware of the 'smoking kills' message. We used behavioural theory to design a digital campaign, supported by some outdoor media and print, with the key aim of motivating more parents and grandparents to quit smoking for good.

Quit For Them campaign Social Change UK Quit Kit

Attracting smokers online to a community of quitters

Our work in North Wales has helped to reframe the quit offer for smokers. We wanted to make quitting appealing and open up choice so smokers can try different tools and services. We set up a Facebook community and helped to integrate NHS services, bringing the NHS, Pharmacy and GP practice together under one brand, opening up increased choice on ways to quit smoking. The Facebook community allowed people to share their stories, ask questions and get tips and motivational support. We designed and created a website which offers tools and downloads such as apps, videos and podcasts, an interactive map to find local services and case studies and videos from ex-smokers and professionals.

As part of the campaign, smokers can download a voucher for free products and support from their local pharmacy or they can sign up to get a quit kit in the post - dispatched within 24 hours. Targeted Facebook adverts (in areas with high levels of smoking) were used to bring people through to the website and we have also utilised video to engage people on quitting smoking, creating a YouTube channel to reach a larger audience.

Integrated campaign

Why is this campaign different from other quit campaigns?

Quit for Them is a great campaign that revolutionises the way in which people think about stop smoking. Instead of scaring people into quitting, the campaign focuses on providing motivation and encouragement. The design is bright and cheerful and looks very different from a corporate stop smoking campaign, for this reason it really stands out from the crowd. In addition, we are helping the NHS to re-think how they deliver health services, moving from traditional ways of working to new, modern practices incorporating technology and digital.

The campaign helps people to lead healthier and happier lives by offering them the support that they need to do it at a time and place that suits them. Our Facebook page is a community where people can share tips and advice and speak to people in a similar situation as them. We have run social media competitions to reward those who successfully quit, which is a good incentive for those who are thinking of quitting. For instance, in the lead up to No Smoking Day 2016 we offered smokers a free swim session when they sign up for one of our quit kits. Through research and getting to know our audience we have been able to design and deliver products and services that people want - such as apps, podcasts, videos, quit kits and self help tools. And let's not forget, this has delivered tangible behaviour change. Hundreds of people have stopped smoking thanks to this campaign.

Quit For Them campaign Social Change UK Quit Kit
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How well did this campaign do?

A comprehensive evaluation dashboard was developed which tracks different monthly goals against targets that were agreed with Public Health Wales. These goals included the number of quit kits sent out each month and the number of pharmacy vouchers that are downloaded from the Quit for Them website. We also tracked the email campaign and tool downloads. We then tracked the customer journey - the number of people who go on to sign up for NHS support, the number of people who report a quit and the number of people who are quit at four weeks. Redemption at pharmacies helped us to understand how strong the community pharmacy offer is.

Three months after the Quit for Them campaign was launched the 5% target was reached in North Wales – and it is acknowledged that Quit for Them was responsible for achieving this target. This trend has continued into the first quarter of the 2016/17 year and has defied the national trend of smokers accessing specialist services. The campaign predominantly engaged with women (68%), individuals aged 25 - 54 years old (77%) and those with at least one child(74%).

For more information on the campaign, read our evaluation.

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