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Marketing videos to boost exposure

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The brief

We worked with NW Counselling, a Lincolnshire based counselling hub, to create a selection of marketing videos to boost their exposure.

NW Counselling offers help, support and guidance to a wide range of age demographics and problem areas that their fully trained and experienced staff can deal with.


The videos

We worked closely with NW Counselling to understand exactly the tone and message they wanted to achieve with each video. All video elements were all chosen specifically to communicate how NW Counselling is a professional, calm and approachable group of people.

We created a total of four videos. The first was the main overview video, offering insight into their staff, place of work and the hubs aims and objectives. The other three were designed specifically for social media, each video focusing on one of the age appropriate rooms they have at their counselling centre.

You can find all the videos below. Enjoy!

Social Media Videos

The challenges

NW Counselling needed the videos quickly. From initial brief to final delivery, it took just 4 weeks.

Concise production schedules and attention to detail resulted in high-quality video content.

NW Counselling were very happy with their final digital marketing materials!

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