Who drinks alcohol and why?

Identifying attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards alcohol.

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In North Wales there is an issue around an increase in harm caused by alcohol – this subsequently has an impact on local communities, police force resources and the NHS. Public Health Wales asked us to conduct research to identify attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards alcohol. As well as this, we set out to identify barriers to responsible drinking and potential intervention ideas.

We used segmentation data to work with key groups that were at risk of excessively consuming alcohol and compromise their health as well as putting strain on public services, such as police and health care.

In order to inform Public Health Wales of the different strategies that could prompt a change in behaviour across target segments, we needed to understand the views and behaviours of the target segments.

We conducted research covering different aspects, such as benefits and consequences of drinking alcohol, understanding of units, perception of responsible drinking and their relationship with alcohol. We also explored their understanding of responsible drinking, as well as barriers each segment faces with responsible drinking.

In addition to this, we tested out different ideas that could be used by Public Health Wales to tackle excessive and risky drinking behaviour.

What we found

As each of the segments were different to each other, we found a mixture of complex behaviours and motivators to drink alcohol.

Each behaviour and attitude was unique to its segment, which provided us with key insight into how to change behaviour for each segment.

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