A men's mental health campaign, encouraging men to open up and have a #ManChat.

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The brief

NW Counselling asked us to design a campaign to encourage men to talk and ‘open up’ about their feelings and not ‘bottle up’ how they feel.

This can often lead to poor mental health and increased anxiety.


What did we do?

Using existing research we have already undertaken with men, we created a campaign for NWCH that encourages men to open up and talk about their feelings. #ManChat is largely an online campaign, bringing men through to a dedicated page on the website where they can get in touch with NWCH for a #ManChat.

The campaign uses messaging and characters that men can identify with, such as ‘tired of putting on a brave face?’ and ‘is life getting you down?’. For men with mental health problems, these are problems they face every day. The messaging is backed up with a shocking statistic, to demonstrate the number of people going through the same situation, which shows them that they are not alone.

We produced a range of print materials for the campaign, including tailored flyers to be placed in workplaces which would appeal specifically to construction and farming workers. We also created beer mats, which can be placed in pubs where some men may spend a lot of time. The materials promote a call to action to encourage men to sit down with a cup of tea and counsellor for the NW counselling hub, to have a #ManChat.

Flyers beer mats
conference flyers construction