Love Your Bump

Developing a campaign that would inspire expectant mothers to quit smoking.

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The brief

Hertfordshire County Council recognise the impact smoking during pregnancy can have on a baby's life. The risk of having a miscarriage, damaged respiratory organs and long term health conditions such as diabetes and obesity increases as a result of smoking in pregnancy.

Hertfordshire County Council asked us to develop a campaign that would encourage expectant mothers to quit smoking, as well as partners and close relatives who may expose the mother and baby to second-hand smoke. The campaign aimed to connect with the target audience in a way that would encourage them to access smoking cessation support provided by local stop smoking services.

Beer mats Bump

Our approach

We developed four different concepts, each with a different angle and visuals but all had the aim of invoking an emotional response from viewers.

We conducted telephone interviews with women who have smoked while pregnant or stopped smoking when they became pregnant to find out which approach communicates the most effectively in encouraging them to stop smoking.

The insights around the visuals, copy and what would create an impact and change their behaviour from the telephone interviews was used to develop the final campaign and brand. We designed print material for this campaign in a way that made the campaign more visible and prominent. The campaign and strength of the Love Your Bump brand made it widely recognizable to NHS organisations and public health departments across the country.

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