Communicating life and death using infographics

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How do we talk about death?

We have used visuals and graphics to help communicate complicated and tough topics. Such as death.

Every quarter when the latest mortality figures are published there is a lot of confusion about what they actually say. Our client asked us to visually illustrate the quarterly figures to help people understand a complicated and talked about topic - death.

Infographic Social Change UK
Infographic Social Change UK

What makes a good infographic?

Delivering inspiring and thought-provoking content

A great infographic is an instant revelation. It can compress time and space. It can illuminate patterns in massive amounts of data. It can make the abstract convincingly concrete. Infographics have an emotional power because they can show you an idea — or a relationship, or how something works — very quickly. People respond to that. A persuasive infographic surprises the viewer. It moves them in some way and makes them want to keep looking at it or show it to other people.

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