Hertfordshire Never Too Late campaign

Hertfordshire County Council wanted to create a campaign to encourage and support older adults (aged 50 and over) to increase their physical activity.

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The challenge

Hertfordshire County Council wanted to create a campaign that would run for 12 weeks to encourage and support older adults (those aged 50 and over) to increase the amount of physical activity they do. To launch the campaign, they needed materials that would successfully reach and engage older people with the campaign.

We were tasked by Hertfordshire Council to create some campaign brand designs, including brand messaging with campaign names and straplines. We also needed to conduct some user testing of the designs and messages with older people in Hertfordshire to gather their views and feedback. This would help to shape the development of the final campaign concepts and campaign brand including name, artwork and strapline.

What we did

We undertook a scoping exercise to review existing research and data from a range of national and local sources to gather together relevant information, insights and ideas that could be used to support the development of initial concept ideas and messaging. Using these insights and ideas, we applied a number of different communication approaches to develop a range of concepts and messages, including case studies, positive empowerment and nostalgia.

We held a focus group with older residents in Hertfordshire to explore what being active means to them, their motives and incentives to engage with the campaign, and to discuss and gather their views and feedback on the concepts and messaging.

The Brand

The brand included the message of ‘It’s never too late’ with a strapline of ‘so let’s give it a go’, to motivate and positively encourage people who may not have been motivated to exercise to try new things. The message also focussed on the feeling people got from exercising and how it has had a positive impact on their lives.

We designed a series of posters and social media posts for the campaign, which utilised community ‘champions’, who demonstrated the types of activities that people could get involved in to increase their current activity level.

We also designed leaflets and an activity planner, which used step by step goal setting to help older people gradually increase their activity levels, by providing some useful nudges and ideas for how they could join in and try new things.

Herts holder adults
Banner Flyer

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