Hertfordshire Waste Campaign

A campaign support Hertfordshire County Council reduce the regular congestion happening at their Household Waste recycling centres.

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The Brief

Helping to promote recycling.

Hertfordshire County Council were looking for a way to reduce the regular congestion happening at peak times in their Household Waste recycling centres, by encouraging more people to recycle their rubbish at home by utilising their kerbside collection facility.

Waste Campaign poster

What we did

Concept design and development

We designed two poster concepts to display at each of the recycling centres, informing people of what they can recycle at home and how they can help to reduce the queueing times at the centres.

We used brightly coloured illustrations and simple text to communicate a clear message to people, displaying items that don’t necessarily require a trip to the recycling centres. The aim was to provide the information for people to think twice about whether their journey to the tip is really necessary, which can hopefully reduce the amount of people using the centres unnecessarily, therefore reducing the congestion at peak times.

Waste poster